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Yahoo gets Standards with the New Professionalism

Exclusive: New Yahoo! homepage [May 15, 2006] was seen on Read/WriteWeb. I went to see Yahoo’s redesign but was greeted with an error page. It would seem that Yahoo has undergone 2 Tone Malarkification. Albeit, in reverse. It works in IE 6 and Firefox 1.5 but not Safari nor anything else.

And, for those that don’t have Safari:

Yahoo Error Page

The IE 6 version works swell. Firefox 1.5 on a PC works swell but try Firefox 1.5 on a Mac: it's not swell. [Note: If you try Yahoo.com on Firefox/Mac and get the original version, enter “preview” in the URL and you’ll be taken to the new version.] Safari gets the above teaser screenshot but, if you are patient and wait a few moments, you’ll be refreshed to the original design.

It’s an interesting development by Yahoo. Especially, after one reads Yahoo! Developers: Setting a Standard for the New Professionalism by Molly E. Holzschlag [February 14th, 2006].

And, for those who follow such things, we've got the following.

The previous version of Yahoo was HTML 4.01/Transitional. The new version is HTML 4.01/Strict. Yahoo's new redesign has 3,153 lines of source code (of which 2,240 lines are CSS in three sections on page, 405 lines are Javascript and 508 are text or images).

It fails validation.

11 errors according to the W3C Markup Validation Services.
11 errors according to the W3C Style Sheet Validation Services.

Less than 7% error rate.

Yahoo has done commendable work towards web standards with it’s redesign. And, whereas, I agree with sentiment that validation does not equal Web Standards [See Web Standards = 100% Validation? (October 12, 2004)], it would have been nice if Yahoo had run the validator and corrected common errors, e.g., there is no attribute “TOPMARGIN”. And, if they had made their site all-browsers-friendly.

Still, it is commendable.

[Update: Yahoo did what they said they would; the new design supports Safari. (July 11, 2006.)]

Sean Fraser posted this on May 16, 2006 12:45 PM.

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