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Where's John C's Site?

The half-life of web standards brouhahas is—Approximately—ten days. I don’t know the percentage of the fulfillment of services offered gratis for the advancement of web standards.

Why CSS Bugs Me by John C. Dvorak [July 12, 2006] was one such standards conflagration. Search engine archives are replete with articles and commentary. What sets this one apart was the public display of proposed ministration for Mr. Dvorak's self-induced predicament.

Numerous sites offered consul, assistance or services for his plight. All were gratis. Two sites were noteworthy,

Dear John (Dvorak) [27 July 2006] from Molly E. Holzschlag where,

John C. Dvorak wrote:
two days?? Is that as in two earth days??
And, Molly replied:
Why yes, John, two earth days. I just sent you an email: “Okay John, When’s our two earth day date with CSS? Let’s make it happen. Ready to float, position and hover, I am always, Molly”

was found.

And you got this,

Dvorak Reloaded July 26, 2006 from John Allsopp in which various web development specialists offered a new site for said Mr. Dvorak.

The side-show atmosphere of that brouhaha passed. It was—Approximately—ten days. These months later, all is safe and sane in the Standards Théâtre but there’s one thing missing. How could it have been mislaid? What reason? Schedules, perhaps? Relative imperativeness gone? Side-show atmosphere lacking?

Where's John C’s New Site?

Sean Fraser posted this on November 10, 2006 02:55 PM.

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