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This forum elicits discussions which may not be suitable for the Specifications Mailing List like, “HTML5 Heck?”, “Why should I care about error handling?”, “When will <dialog> be implemented by Opera or Firefox?”, “What happens in IE7 when I use <canvas>?”, “Why isn’t it iXML?” and any others one is apt to find on forums.


This reply addresses <canvas> and IE,

“<canvas>, for example, is in Firefox, Opera, and Safari (and IE if you use the Google Canvas extension for IE); many of the Web Forms 2 things are in the latest version of Opera, as is the cross-frame messages feature; the Storage APIs are in Firefox; the drag and drop APIs are in Safari and IE.”

See the The WHATWG Forums: A discussion board for the HTML 5 community page for the standard registration details.

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Sean Fraser posted this on February 6, 2007 07:09 PM.

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