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Design is understanding Typography

Designis Meme. It goes like this. Or, something like it.

Design is just making things line up by Jon Hicks.

Design is more than just making things line up by Shaun Inman.

Design is just owning a clip art gallery by Veerle Pieters.

Design Is More Than Choosing Nice Fonts by Scott/Wishingline.

Design is making fun of things lining up, and fonts by Dan Rubin.

Design Is has got Bryan Veloso, Russ Weakley, Nathan Pitman, Bill Erickson, Matthew Maber &c. Everyone! should make contributory effort for this meme on Flickr. Tag your graphic with “designis” and you’ve memed it.

I haven’t got one; I’ve done mine below.

The large image is a tattoo motif from Sarawak Borneo. Unfortunately, The Sarawak Cultural Centre was not able to tell me what it represents. [Note: Regardless. I’ve used it numerous years as The Menehune Foundry Co. ®glyph.] The large type is “Bad Acid” which is as approximate as I’ll get to Rick Griffin’s lettering on Quicksilver Messenger Service’s first album. The small type is “Bamboo” from 1925.

That’s it.

Sean Fraser posted this on September 14, 2006 07:44 PM.

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stephen wrote this at September 16, 2006 01:38 AM

It was yours that convinced me to jump on the 'designis' bandwagon:

1. Design is Avoiding Tunnel Vision;

2. Design is Not Caring what others think about your Art;

3. Design is Jumping on the MEME BandWagon.

Humor is only as funny as one's imagination.

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Sean Fraser wrote this at September 16, 2006 08:36 AM

stephen: Very nice.

"Jumping with Ice Picks" may very well become the next "Running with Scissors".

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