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Viral Marketing is a Thing of the Past

We are Advertisers!

We don’t depend much on newspapers to advertise us.

We don’t depend very much on printed matter to advertise us.

But we do depend on you!

And you will advertise us.

If you buy a watch from us and the watch pleases you, you will be almost sure to speak a kind word for us to a friend, and that kind of advertising is better than newspapers, better than printed matter, its the strongest, most binding advertising we can get, its the kind of advertising we are after, we can’t get too much of it. We can’t afford to send out a watch that don’t give satisfaction, every watch must satisfy our customers and thus lead to more sales.

[Reprinted from a Sears, Roebuck and Co. Consumer's Guide (1894).]


It's always a fine pleasure when antique concepts and methodologies are repurposed, repackaged and reinvented with citations lauded on the authors of that modern invention.

Viral marketing simple, straightforward and truthful.

Wanna buy a watch?

Sean Fraser posted this on April 30, 2006 01:02 PM.

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