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The road to cross-domain XMLHttpRequest

Enabling Read Access for Web Resources is the first step to XMLHttpRequest2 which will have support for cross-site requests. Ian Hickson wrote up a proposal for cross-site extensions to XMLHttpRequest a while ago which uses the aforementioned document. When the algorithms for “Enabling Read Access for Web Resources” are finalized I’ll take a stab at writing XMLHttpRequest2. My current thinking is that it should include events such as load, error, progress et cetera and the aforementioned cross-site extension.

Feedback on “Enabling Read Access for Web Resources” is welcome at [email protected] and feedback on XMLHttpRequest2 (or XMLHttpRequest) can be e-mailed to [email protected]. You can also e-mail me directly, if you don’t want stuff archived for some reason. Thanks!

16th February 2007

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