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Did Trevor Burton Ever Send You an Email?

And, What does it mean when you’re listening to his music?

Well, it wasn't—Really—Trevor Burton.

I was listening to The Move’s eponymous Lp music, The Move whilst composing two articles when I went peering though my email boxes. It was a typical Saturday. Those sorts spent between gardening and elementary things. I realized I hadn’t bothered with the spam-box for untold days. I like reading the names. Some are very clever; some moronic. That's when I saw that “Trevor Burton” had sent me a Very, Special Offer message. Someone must know obscure music references; or, it’s a common name.

The Trevor Burton played guitar on that The Move album (of which “Walk Upon The Water” is my favorite song). And, he played bass-guitar on my evermore-favorite song, Blackberry Way.

A very, special offer from Trevor Burton when listening to him play.

Cosmic, isn't it.

Sean Fraser posted this on February 24, 2007 06:24 PM.

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