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Test Your Levels

There's this meme. It is a significant meme. It encompasses web standards. And, it goes like this.

Emil Stenström started it with Friendly Bit » Levels of CSS knowledge [January 11, 2006].

Then, Levels of HTML knowledge | 456 Berea Street was written by Roger Johansson [May 30, 2006]. Your HTML level - Anne’s Weblog about Markup & Style was published [June 1, 2006] by the redoubtable Mr. van Kesteren. Levels of JavaScript Knowledge [June 2, 2006] by Dean Edwards followed. And, Levels of Accessibility Knowledge from Le «blog personnel» de Joe Clark [June 2, 2006] appeared.

All web developers should read each and Every one.

It doesn’t matter what Level of Knowledge one has or, Even If, one hasn’t a clue - Exactly - what these authors have written! [Note: If you read all of the above articles, you’ll understand.] If you read these articles and comprehend some things - Then - you have some Level of Knowledge. If you are not at a high Level, it’s small consequence. One can always become more knowledgeable, can’t you. If one reads all of the articles, one may divine one's Level of Web Standards Knowledge.

Sean Fraser posted this on June 2, 2006 06:42 PM.

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