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The Elementary HTML Elements

As HTML and Semantics go, here’s my list of HTML presentation language tones with the appropriate voices that may be used by assistive technologies.

The Elementary HTML Presentation Elements

Element Name Screen reader Voice
Sonorous James Earl Jones
Woody-m William Henry Pratt
Woody-f Greta Lovisa Gustafsson
Oration Avery Brooks
Recitation-m Vivian Stanshall
Recitation-f Greer Garson
Tinny-m William S. Burroughs
Tinny-f Betty Boop (Mae Questel)
EncouragingStan Laurel (ca. 1935)
SarcasticOliver Hardy (ca. 1935)
Charming Billie Burke
Sardonic-m Hans Conried
Sardonic-f Barbara Stanwyck (ca. 1941)
Pedantic Edward Everett Horton
Sanguine Peter Lorre
Soporific [Unremembered]
Petulant-m Daffy Duck (ca. 1940s)
Petulant-f Olive Oyl (Mae Questel)
Blithe Constance Bennett (ca. 1937)
Cynical Joan Blondell (ca. 1936)
Stoic Zero Mostel
Enigmatic Patrick McGoohan (ca. 1967)
Ironic Popeye (Jack Mercer)
Suave Cary Grant
Fatale Louise Brooks

I’m certain I’ve missed a few but that will do.

Sean Fraser posted this on May 26, 2007 07:19 PM.

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