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Malarkey Struck

Life has natural progression. Occasionally, these progressions are startling but not surprising. Startling for the rapid development of the sequences of events. And, then, you've got confluence of seemingly disparate events whose individual elements are not recognized until later. There’s this one.

A certain Mr. Dvorak wrote Why CSS Bugs Me [July 12, 2006]. Various authoritative types responded, e.g., Dvorak and CSS by John Allsop [July 19, 2006]. That was followed by Lost any CSS lately? [July 20, 2006] from Andy Clarke who then presented Way too many cooks (Dvorak special) [July 21, 2006]. And, this was when the confluence began but it wasn't known at that time. This article appeared. Misplaced Anger: A Rebuttal to Zeldman’s Criticism of the W3 by Molly E. Holzschlag [July 26, 2006] wherein she obliquely wrote,

“The CSS Working Group is finally aware that it must include at least one classically trained artist and graphic designer on the team. Has that taken a really long time to accomplish? Yes, but it‘s happening, and that’s a good thing.”

Mr. Clarke confessed in Ambition No.3 (CSS-WG) [July 26, 2006],

“…I am joining the W3C's CSS Working Group as an Invited Expert.”

Mr. Clarke's expertise has been much sought after.


I found this advertisement in my messages. It’s from Apple. Dated July 27, 2006.

Natural progression of confluences in Life.

Scary, isn’t it.

Sean Fraser posted this on July 27, 2006 12:32 PM.

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Malarkey wrote this at July 28, 2006 04:47 AM

Who knew? :)

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Sean Fraser wrote this at July 28, 2006 11:49 AM

The Dvorak Special is a stunning website created in minutes. No HTML or design experience required (according to Apple's editorial text).

CSS, perhaps?

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