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An Elementary Apology

I interavely acted. I added a search box. I tweaked typography. I restructured various categories; “Site Standards” and “Engine Machinations” were removed as categories-proper but fashioned into Directories and each article therein was set in a more specific category. Movable Type worked fine for that. I amended my htaccess file on Media Temple with redirects for all of the old URLs. That’s where things went wrong.

My sincerest apologies.

Two category redirects work: “Errata” and “Philologia”. “Site Standards” and “Engine Machinations” fail. They have hyphens. I've never had difficulties with hyphenated word phrases before. Though. I've never monkeyed with 301 Redirects with hyphenated categories on Movable Type before. It’s broke.

And, what does that do?

Every! old link! with a hyphenated category! Everywhere! gets taken to an Error Page!

Media Temple and myself resolved htaccess file issues several years ago. It was something about a UNIX-formatted, ASCII-saved Mac document transferred onto their servers.

This morning, I sent them a service request regarding my present conflagration.

Media Temple responded very timely. 30 minutes later,

“Unfortunately, the issue recently reported regarding your usage of Movable Type appears to be either an end-user issue, bug, or feature flaw within the software itself which would be outside our scope of support for this product. For further information and possible resolution to your issue we recommend consulting the help center and documentation for the Movable Type software located on the software creator’s main website.”

Nicely done. They are expeditious, if nothing else. It couldn’t be the htaccess file; it — Really — shouldn’t be but one never knows. I never know how to interpret their messages. It’s an “end-user issue” or a “bug” or a “feature flaw within the software.” Or, it’s “an end-user issue feature flaw within the software.”and/or bug feature flaw within the software.”and/or feature flaw within the software.”

I sent Movable Type a Technical Support Request. Kinda. I couldn't get access through my TypeKey account; I sent it through their Contact form.

We’ll see.

And, I believe I shall fix all internal links in each article.

And, continue corrective experimentation.

Later. That afternoon,

“If you have obtained your license for Movable Type through one of our hosting partners, rather than directly from Six Apart, you do not have access to technical support from Six Apart. Your host is responsible for supporting your installation, and contact our support system on your behalf if required. You can also access free user-to-user support via the Community Forum.”

And, that would be Movable Type’s reply.

How miraculous. A CMS Platform which lacks technical support.

I’ve never had any luck with their Community Forum. And, if you’d like a giggle, read Movable Type’s Help Manual. I like the platform; technical assistance’s lacking.

Oh, well.

I’ve corrected all internal links.

And, continue corrective experimentation.

Later. That Evening.

Movable Type’s Community Forum’s very Unbeneficial. However, there was a slightly similar question about 301 Redirects and Movable Type’s difficulty with understanding them. The gentleman in question did not receive any Forum Assistance; rather, he figured it. mod_rewrite. I had tried it before but it still hadn’t worked. I attempted it—Again—after re-reading The Apache Software Foundation explanatory text. It didn’t work, still. I found an article that wasn’t exactly correct after Googling about. A modified version of John Gruber’s Using .htaccess Redirection to Standardize Web Server Addresses works.


Everything should work.

Sean Fraser posted this on September 3, 2006 12:21 PM.

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