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An Introduction of Similarities in Design

Three Eight One Logo

Iban Borneo Tattoo motif of a scorpion

Oddly similar, aren’t they?

The first image is from three.eight.one Denis Radenkovic's design portfolio. And, the second image is a scorpion tattoo motif from the Iban in Borneo.

I was reading an article — [Note: I haven't a clue where it is. I thought I bookmarked it; it seems I didn't. And, that’s my reason for not linking it here.] — where it discussed how the name of Mr. Radenkovic’s site became it’s logo. And, not once, did the author cite Borneo tattoos. I don’t believe that Mr. Radenkovic woke up one morning and said, "I believe my logo should be fashioned into a Borneo scorpion motif." I could be wrong; he may have thought it. Or, it may have been serendipitous Chance.

I like stumbling over dissonant similarities.

Similarities which have been unknowingly done. Not reinvention of centuries-old styles. Nor variations on a theme. Nor flattery by imitation. Nor thievery. Things that are similar but dissonant (or, incongruous). Dissonant similarities are peculiar when one considers that the similar characteristics are separated by distance and time (even in this age of electronic mediums). They are elusive.

This is my small introduction for a serial–piece, “Of Similarities in Design.”

Sean Fraser posted this on April 27, 2006 10:13 AM.

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Denis Radenkovic wrote this at April 29, 2006 02:44 PM

This is quite interesting, I’ve never seen the tattoo motif before, but my star sign is scorpion! The name 38one might not be as intriguing though. It’s a phone number you would have to dial if ever phoning Yugoslavia, while it still existed in the nineties, which is where I’m originally from. It’s an nostalgic name, but it sounds good to me. The number is still in use, but only for Serbia and Montenegro.

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Sean Fraser wrote this at April 30, 2006 11:00 AM


Very interesting! Logo. Tattoo. Star sign. All derived from a telephone code number. What is intriguing - I like these things - is how you chose the set-up of the name as 38one. It's not Three8One nor threeeightONE nor 381; I can't see any other combination of the telephone number which could have become a scorpion motif. That's interesting, too.

And, Thank you for your explanation of the name. I like allusions; I like discrete (or, private) allusions more.

Denis Radenkovic wrote this at May 2, 2006 05:19 AM

The name was supposed to be Designrepublic, but the domain was not available. 38one was an alternative and it sounded OK. The name is quite long, so it was the shortest and way to put it. '381' wasn't available either. Sometimes I use ‘three.eight.one’ too.

trovster wrote this at May 10, 2006 01:42 AM

Hey Denis, I've got a real pet-peeve with your domain name! (and those with number in in general!) Well, not just your domain name, but that in conjunction with your branding.

The domain name is made up completely of numbers, but one is spelt! ARGH. Then the logo appears the same as the domain name, but the live text has all the numbers spelt out! How very very confusing.

I tend to show it to people deciding on using numbers in their domain names as a bad example, and how it could cause confusion. Aside from that, great branding and logos, love the work, hate the domain ;)

Laura wrote this at June 30, 2006 07:47 PM

Thats cool, I'm also a Scorpio. I've actually been planning for awhile to get the Borneo Scorpion design across my ankle and foot. Scorpio pride and all that, I love astronomy. I am very interested in art as well, just ask anyone who knows me :D so this Similarities in Art thing is pretty awesome. I happened across it when looking for different pictures of the Borneo Scorpion design, as some have a blacked in circle inside of what is supposed to be the eye, and some don't, I'm tryign to decided which looks better, im thinking without... Not sure though.. anyway cool site (y)

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