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Yahoo! Templates fail CSS Validation

The following offers two things: Yahoo! templates; and, a consoling of web developers who are having difficulties with Web Standards, Markup Language and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Yahoo! has this small shop, Yahoo! Developer Network.

They recommend HTML 4.0/Strict.

The Yahoo! Developer Network UI Library: Grids CSS offers templates that may be used with inclusion of its Design Pattern Library. All very shiny.

Oddly, all of these templates were valid HTML but failed validation for common CSS errors.

“Choosing an Outer Template” from the documentation states,

“Grids CSS provides seven templates, six of which define specific main content/sidebar layouts; the seventh template defines a layout without a sidebar, one in which the main content is given the full page width. The following graphic and table document the seven available templates:

They may be found at,

  • “yui-t1”
  • “yui-t2”
  • “yui-t3”
  • “yui-t4”
  • “yui-t5”
  • “yui-t6”
  • “yui-t7”

Yahoo! appears to have difficulties with The Star-HTML Hack and Universal Selector. At least, it seems that way after reading their code. It’s reassuring that Everyone may make mistakes, isn’t it.

Nevertheless, Yahoo! should have fixed all remaining common errors. Reassurance for some that validation isn’t necessary; reassurance for most that even Yahoo! has difficulties with CSS.

And, whereas the Yahoo! UI Library may have failed validation, it is insignificant when compared against all of Yahoo!

All of the directories found on Yahoo! failed validation for HTML and/or XHTML and/or CSS. It would appear that each Team had independently written its code: error inconsistencies. What occurred with the Official Yahoo! Company Style Guides?

All of the pages had unidentical HTML and CSS! Some were well-coded; some abhorrent. Some pages had external style sheets; some had the styles on the page. [Note: Yahoo! Index page has—Approximately—1,883 lines of CSS code on the page.]

It's unfathomable how different all of the code in its directory pages are! Do you suppose they have a Company Design Style Design Book? We may assume that each Yahoo category directory has an individual web development/web design team. Still, these are not personal sites like MSDN Staff sites.

The Yahoo! Web Development Team is to be commended for its work. And, for giving those novices, beginners, and intermediates—who have valid code when Yahoo! category directory pages fail—reassurance that Everyone may have difficulties with CSS. And, that even Yahoo! has difficulties with the advancement of web standards within its own company.

Sean Fraser posted this on September 30, 2006 03:26 PM.

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