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New CSS Validation Service Interface

The W3C CSS Validation Service has a new default User Interface (UI) for it’s Validator. I didn’t know. It hasn’t replaced the old version; it wasn’t advertised. I was re-reading the W3C Bug/Issue Tracking Service bug list and found an innocuous link that read

“Fixed, see http://qa-dev.w3.org:8001/css-validator/.”

It seems that the new and improved UI has been around since August 26, 2005. They’ve amended but fully haven’t corrected the parser, i.e., “Behavior” property and “Multiple Media Import Types” fail but they have improved it's user-friendliness. And, if you view the URIs used on various pages, you'll notice that this service upgrade is not official. And, I would hope that their “Sheepy” icon is not official. Or, is it a lamb.

You have to wonder why the W3C hasn’t released it. One year for quality assurance testing seems adequate, doesn’t it?

The new interface,

They have added an “About” page.
The “Documentation index for the CSS Validator” page includes “User Resources” and “Developper[sic] Resources”. “User Resources” has CSS Validator FAQ with this,

Why don't my scrollbar properties, filters, etc. validate?

The CSS Validator validates your style sheet against some profile, e.g. CSS Level 1 or CSS Level 2. Some browser Vendors however extend these profiles by new properties like Microsoft did with the scrollbar-base-color or filter property or Mozilla with the -moz-opacity property. The Validator is not aware of these properties and using them makes your style sheet invalid in terms of the CSS specifications. Either get rid of those properties or live with the fact, that your style sheets don't validate. [Elementary emphasis.] You cannot have both.

The original “Docs” has become “developer's README” in the Developer Resources.
The “Download/Install” has been greatly improved.
“Feedback” hasn’t changed. It still has $Date: 2003/02/27 23:11:59 $
“Credits” has been revised. However, the links at the bottom are misdirected.
They have corrected Copyright Dates!

The old interface,

The Validator parser seems to have been amended. A new error shows that did not appear when validating with the old validator. It would be nice if they used revision notation, would’t it.

Validation by URI,

Line: 20
Uncaught error java.lang.RuntimeException: Missing return statement in function

Validation by Direct Input,

Line: 0
Missing return statement in function

Odd thing. There is no function in the style sheet.

And, it seems that they have removed the "&" warning from the HTML validation service so that the CSS validator has been synchronized with HTML and works.

Everything seems cool. Except that single sentence. I can live with code that doesn't validate in CSS Level 2 but not errors generated by a tool which has not been written to it’s own specifications, e.g., “Behavior” and “Media Import”. [Note: Media Import: Bugzilla Bug 697 (May 2, 2004).] Perhaps, they mean that one should not use them.

Remember! —Validate with CSS Level 3 only!

The new interfaces are better than the old ones. So, why would they not release it?

[Note: And, for those curious, the link was found in a comment of Bugzilla Bug 697.]


(CSS) validator homepage cleanup, CSS modifications, added documentation [May 23, 2006] was found after publishing the above article. [Note: It’s from [email protected] Mail Archives.] It addresses some of the questions I mused above as well as it offers a different URI for the new Validator, http://qa-dev.w3.org/~ot/css-validator/validator.html.en but it does not work.

Sean Fraser posted this on July 24, 2006 09:27 AM.

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