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A Photograph of a late 1960’s apartment building named Utopia

The Elementary Standards may be found in Utopia. [See photograph.]

The principle author is Sean Fraser whose background falls in graphic design and literature and analytics. He has developed websites since 1998. He sussed Search Engine Optimization with simple analysis in 1999.

“Theories should be as simple as possible, but no simpler.”

[Note: This tenet is Occam's Razor simplified by Albert Einstein which has been commonly paraphrased as above. Or, if you’d like, complicated issues are reduced to simple complexities.]

The following acknowledgments are made: Roger Johansson | 456 Berea Street for his generosity, for his patience with Everyone and because he has an exemplary site; and, Andy Clarke | And All That Malarkey for his inventiveness. And, Anyone else whose site got reverse-engineered.

Various photographic and sundry ephemeral images were pinched from the archives of Silverfish Studio.

This site is housed at Media Temple.

And Movable Type 3.2 powered. And, these:

And, Fixing the dirify function in Movable Type by Roger Johansson.

The structural and presentational elements of HTML 4.01/Strict and CSS were used (even when pages are HTML5).

This site uses HTML 4.01/Strict utilizing the well-formedness requirements of “XHTML™ 1.0 The Extensible HyperText Markup Language (Second Edition): A Reformulation of HTML 4 in XML 1.0.” (excepting those XHTML-specific requirements found Appendix C, i.e., C.1, C.2 and C.3) and all applicable requirements found in Section 4. Differences with HTML 4.

And, this site meets Accessiblity's intent.

[The author beneath the banyans stood on Waikiki Beach.]

The Elementary Standards: A Compendium of Web Standards, CSS, Linguistics and Search Engine Optimization methodology Copyright ©2005-2007 Sean Fraser. All work is published under a Creative Commons License. All Rights Reserved.

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Palm trees on a grassy field in Hawai’i